Refrigrated Trailer

Uluslararası ATP-FRC konvansiyonuna uygun,
Son derece sağlam ve hafif yapısıyla dikkat çeken,
Düşük ısı transferi katsayısı sağlayan,
Konstruktif yapıdaki tabanıyla sağlamlık konusunda güven veren,
İthal aks ve fren sistemi kullanılan,
treyler ürünlerimiz birçok profesyonelin tercihi konumundadır.




Length Outer length: 13600 mm ; Inner length: 13380 mm
Width Outer width: 2600 mm ; Inner width: 2450 mm
Height Inner height: 2650 mm Inner height: 2750 mm Inner height: 2850 mm 5th
wheel height: 1100 mm 5th wheel height: 1000 mm 5th wheel height: 950 mm
Weight Curb weight: 7300 kg(± 3%) ; Total technical carrying capacity: 39000 kg



Chassis Built-in chassis made of high-strength steel (700MC) welded in a full automation submerged arc welding machine. Paint
Before painting, sandblasting according to SAE 2,5 standard + priming with epoxy-based primer paint with high rust resistance, single color polyurethane paint with
RAL 7021 topcoat painting and drying in the oven
King-Pin SAE and DIN standards Ø2″ (50.8 mm) diameter king-pin demountable with bolts from the bottom
Axles 3 x 120 offset disc brake air suspension axles with 9 tons capacity & manual or automatic axle lifting (1. On the axle)
Mechanical Legs 24 tons capacity, double speed imported telescopic legs
Brake System & Suspension 2 modules 2 sensors (2S/2M) EBS – E Plus braking system. RSS compatible with ECE R13 (against rollovers)
driving safety) system. Suspension system with manual lowering and lifting valves
Lighting System 24 Volt lighting system in accordance with EC 76/756
Reflectors in accordance with ECE R 48 on the front, rear and sides
3 SUPER LED non-heating lights mounted on the ceiling
Interior lighting
with switch Side, front, rear and tail lights
2×7 pole DIN ISO 1185 and DIN ISO 3731 or 1×15 pole DIN ISO 12098 3-socket distributor box
Tires & Rims HASREEFER V1 6+1 pcs silver RAL 9006 painted steel rims, 120 offset 458/2011 EU no. 6+1 385/65R 22.5 tire single row
HASREEFER V2 6+1 silver RAL 9006 painted steel wheels, 120 offset 6+1 385/55R 22.5 tire single row in accordance with EU regulation 6+1 385/65R 22,5 tires
HASREEFER V3 6+1 pcs silver RAL 9006 painted steel rims, 120 offset 6+1 435/50R 19,5 tires in accordance with EU regulation No. 458/2011 Single row Standard Chassis Accessories Side protection
made of electrostatic painted extruded aluminum in accordance with regulation ECE R 73 barriers
Steel rear bumper conforming to ECE R 58 regulation
2 x yellow wheel chocks
Double basket type spare wheel tire carrier
2 double ferry rings
1 imported plastic tool cabinet
1 food cabinet
1 fire tube cabinet
1 30 lt capacity water tank – CE certified
Galvanized foldable exit ladder at the rear door,
aluminum fuel tank with a capacity of 400 liters
Robust rear frame completely covered with rubber and swiveling stainless steel wedges on the right and left
4 half fenders and 2 anti-spray mats in accordance with EC 109/2011 EU regulation



Body Body panels have an integrated structure with insulation material block lamination method between inner and outer GRP panels in RAL 9003 color.
(MONOBLOCK) Inner side GRP panels are three times more resistant to load shear with 57% more fiber content. (Internal HIGH IMPACT Braided FRP – External
Front Wall 85 mm thick insulated front panel, reinforced for cooling equipment.
There is an insulated ventilation cover on the upper left side of the front wall
Ceiling 85 mm thick RAL 9003 white colored isolated ceiling
Side Walls RAL 9003 white 65 mm thick insulated side panels
Base is 130 mm thick insulated and reinforced panel, 5086 H 244 grain patterned single layer aluminum plate laminated with 24 mm plywood.
Sealing and resistance are provided by fully welding the aluminum base plate with the aluminum squeegee .
According to EN 283, it can carry a forklift load of 5460 kg
Rear Doors 85 mm thick insulated structure
Sandwich structure for positive sealing
2×4 Stainless steel hinges and 2×2 locking mechanisms 270° rotation capability
One isolated vent cover on the right door below the standard ventilation hole
Back frame made of stainless steel (AISI 304)
Thermoplastic elastomer rubber profiles to be joined by corner welding methods
Sliding cladding minimizes the forces encountered when opening the door (user friendly door)
There is a 300 mm anodized aluminum profile inside the door
Insulation Insulation values ​​​​according to ATP/FRC requirements
Standard Body Accessories Rubber protection wedges across the entire height
Corner bumpers on the rear wall
Extra rubber wedges lined up under the door protection
Aluminum profile for rear panel protection, placed 300 mm above the bottom for impact protection
Pallet stop stainless steel profiles on the front wall from floor to air conditioning unit
Label- Plaque ATP-FRC label and plate by ATP certification body
Vehicle, ECE type with Certificate of Conformity (COC) meets the test
2 reflector plates (565×200 ECE-R70) placed horizontally on the rear
wall, and 1 on the front wall; 1 foldable TIR sign on the rear wall



Fuel Tank 500, 600, 800 liter capacity aluminum fuel tank
Pallet Cabinet Pallet transport box for Euro ISO pallets
Food Cabinet 1 extra lunch cabinet
Document Cabinet Plastic document cabinet
Ladder Stainless steel ladder on the front wall
Double Layer Loading Double layer loading system for more volume capacity It is for special transportation that needs it. Suitable for economical and efficient transportation, reduction of operating and labor
costs, food hygiene regulations
Hubodometer Digital odometer integrated on axle Rims
Aluminum rim option for extra tonnage and aesthetic appearance Spare
Wheel Carrier Single basket type spare wheel tire holder bracket
Extra spare tire tire and rim option
Meat Carrying System Optional chrome and aluminum coated rail and hook systems used in meat transportation
(monorail application according to customer request)
Load Binding Rail 2×2 or 2×1 side load fastening rails integrated into the side walls
Intermediate Partition Movable to provide different temperature ranges or fixed partition, multi-section system application depending on customer request
Air Circulation Channels Air channels in the ceiling to provide perfect air circulation
Side Door Option Single wing, double wing or multiple side door options
Silicone Curtain Silicone curtain option that cuts the air flow from inside to outside


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