Flatbet Trailer

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Length Outer length: 13600 mm ; Inner length: 13500 mm
Width Outer width: 2550 mm ; Internal width: 2470 mm
Height Internal height: 770 mm ; 5th wheel height: 1150-1200 mm
Weight 13.6 m DOCOL Sheet Metal Cover Curb weight: 6140 kg(±3%)
Total technical carrying capacity: 39000 kg
13.6 m Aluminum Cover Curb weight: 6000 kg(±3%)



Chassis Built-in chassis made of high-strength steel (700MC) welded in a full automation submerged arc welding machine. Paint
Before painting, sandblasting according to SAE 2,5 standard + priming with epoxy-based primer paint with high rust resistance, single color polyurethane paint with
RAL 7021 topcoat painting and drying in the oven
King-Pin SAE and DIN standards Ø2″ (50.8 mm) diameter king-pin demountable with bolts from the bottom
Axles 3 x 120 offset disc brake air suspension axles with 9 tons capacity & manual or automatic axle lifting (1. On the axle)
Mechanical Legs 24 ton capacity, double speed imported telescopic legs
Brake System & Suspension 2 modules 2 sensors (2S/2M) EBS – E Plus braking system . RSS (driving safety against rollover) system conforming to ECE R13.
Suspension system with manual lowering and lifting valves
Lighting System 24 Volt lighting system conforming to EC 76 / 756
Reflectors compatible with ECE R48 on the front, rear and sides
Reflector LED side, front and rear marker lamps
Rear marker lamps on the chassis
2×7 Divider box with one-pole DIN ISO 1185 and DIN ISO 3731 or 1×15-pole DIN ISO 12098
Tire & Rims 6+1 silver RAL 9006 painted steel wheels, 120 offset 458 / 2011 in accordance with EU regulation 6+1 385 / 65R 22, 5 tires in one row
Standard Chassis Accessories Side protection barriers made of electrostatically painted extruded aluminum in accordance with regulation ECE R 73
Steel rear bumper in accordance with regulation ECE R 58
2 pieces yellow wheel chocks
Double basket type spare wheel tire carrier
2 pairs of ferry rings
1 piece of imported plastic tool cabinet
1 piece of food cabinet
1 fire extinguisher cabinet
1 x 30 lt capacity water tank – CE certified
6 mudguards and 2 anti-spray mats in accordance with EC 109 / 2011 EU regulation
Base Supported with high-strength sheets and plywoods (30 mm) resistant to 7200 kg forklift load



Front Wall Made of steel sheet material and 15 mm plywoods, with a 1600 mm high canvas basket and working ladder Side
Cover Made of 10 pieces of 1.2 mm DOCOL sheet material with a height of 770 mm, in RAL 9003 (white) color and with canvas fastening
Rear Cover 770 mm high, 1 piece 1.2 mm DOCOL sheet material, RAL 9003 (white) color and
consists of a cover with canvas fastening hooks. Ergonomic step is available on the rear cover
Lock System Ergonomic design embedded vertical lock system
Label – Plaque Vehicle meets ECE type test with Certificate of Conformity (COC)
2 reflector plates placed horizontally on the rear bumper (565×200 ECE-R70)



Trailer Length Options 9 m 10 m 12.6 m
9.30 m 10.6 m
Covers 500 mm high (DOCOL 1.2 mm) sheet metal cover 770 mm high (DOCOL 1.2 mm) sheet metal cover
850 mm high (DOCOL 1 ,2 mm) sheet metal cover 800 mm height aluminum cover option
Nail Lock System Lock system consisting of chain nails
Horizontal Lock System Embedded horizontal lock system with ergonomic design
Omega Base With high-strength omega sheets and laths made of 40 mm beech or yellow pine wood, resistant to 7200 kg forklift load reinforced base
Roll Dock Base with roll pool facilitating the transport of roll-shaped loads
Container Lock 1×20 ft center, 2×20 ft and 1×40 ft container lock options
Lunch Cabinet 1 extra food cabinet
Document Cabinet Plastic document cabinet
Spare Wheel Carrier Single basket type spare wheel tire holder bracket
Extra spare wheel tire and rim option
Rims Aluminum rim option for extra tonnage and aesthetic appearance
Hubodometer Digital odometer integrated on axle 7.2 tons Manufacturer, in catalog reserves the right to make any changes to the specified product.


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